I’m Tim Norton, I started techcyclist.com to talk about technology and cycling. Since I was a kid I always loved being on the bike, and it’s always been that way. I don’t ride top end bikes or gear, but I ride average 100+ miles a week and I do have some things to share.

Until recently I’ve been exclusively a road rider, but in the winter 2013 I decided to start winter commuting, so I bought a cyclocross bike. So far, I’m loving it!

Thanks for reading!

About Tim Norton

Tim is V.P. of Product Management at Machina, a Quant research platform. Tim was formerly a product manager at Trust Company of America, delivering software solutions to RIAs, and was also Chief Product Officer and lead developer at GoVesting, a startup in the robo-advisor space. Tim is a former financial advisor, has multiple certifications in UX, Agile, and web design, and ran his own web design firm.

Tim achieved the User Experience Certification from Norman Nielson Group in September 2014.
UX Certification Badge from Nielsen Norman Group