Step 1 For Studded Tires, Ride 25 Miles to Seat The Studs

According to Peter White cycles, Nokian studded tires required riding for 25-30 miles on pavement to seat the studs because they have poor quality control. I bought a set of Schwalbe tires and they now have the same recommendation. Anyway, it was nice to go test them out, and I rode them easy on the… Read More »

Can I Install Schwalbe Marathon Studded Tires As Tubeless?

Since I just got my cyclocross bike with tubeless setup I wanted to mount some Schwalbe Marathon Winter Studded tires on the Stan's Alpha 340 ZTR rims as tubeless. The studded tires are a little heavier than normal tires and I was hoping for a little weight help from a tubeless setup. Not knowing whether… Read More »

Winter Riding Preparations

My road bike is great in the summer and fall but when winter comes I usually quit riding for a few months. A little south of Denver we get enough snow and ice to make riding on slick road tires treacherous. My commute is 13 miles each way on a concrete path called the Cherry… Read More »