Team ‘X’ Could Have Beaten These Warriors

Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 7.58.47 AMFirst of all I want to start by saying I’m a Boston fan, I used to watch games in the 80’s in Boston Garden from behind pillars, until the end of the first quarter when we’d identified better seating. That said, this Warriors team has been really fun to watch, ball movement is how the game should be played. And BTW, the Celtics are on their couches right now. I feel compelled to say something (to nobody but myself maybe) because the retired players club is getting ridiculous.

Do I think the Warriors are the greatest team of all time? I don’t know. How do you measure greatness? Usually people say ‘championships!’ but are Bill Russells Celtics the greatest of all time? Most people won’t admit they are even though they won 11 championships including a 9-in-a-row stretch. Folks, that’s probably your GOAT team. I guess the NBA was going through hard times, the other teams were all lying down on the floor and letting the Celtics walk over them.

When GOAT team talk comes up it’s usually about the Bulls teams with Michael, Magic Johnson’s (Abdul-Jabbar’s?) Lakers, maybe Kobe’s Lakers, Larry legend’s Celtics, and Bill Russell’s Celtics. I think those are the teams that cause the most bar fights.

But unless you are using some measure, like Championships, then how can you say they are the GOAT? Well it’s bravado, and they are taller, and they had swagger, or whatever. It’s the grandparent who ‘had to walk through 4 feet of snow and 20 below temperatures every day’ boast. That’s it. Sob stories about the era they played in, or the rules back then, something that immediately takes your team out of the discussion. And how can you argue? Grandpa didn’t take pictures and they didn’t have iPhone video evidence to back it up, so all you can do is nod.

Yes grandpa, you are the GOAT of schoolgoing children.

Yes Magic, yes Shaq, yes (insert player name) … your team was the GOAT, just like every other.