Can I Install Schwalbe Marathon Studded Tires As Tubeless?

Since I just got my cyclocross bike with tubeless setup I wanted to mount some Schwalbe Marathon Winter Studded tires on the Stan’s Alpha 340 ZTR rims as tubeless. The studded tires are a little heavier than normal tires and I was hoping for a little weight help from a tubeless setup. Not knowing whether this was OK I emailed Schwalbe late last night and asked the question:

My Email: 8pm last night

Subject: tubeless setup for studded tires Message text: Hi I think I saw this in the FAQ but I wanted to make sure. I just purchased a set of marathon winter studded tires for my cyclocross bike.

I have stans notubes rims and was hoping to use sealant and install them as notubes. The current tires are 700×35 which is the same as the marathons I bought. Wondering if the stans sealant is bad for these tires, I mean will it damage the rubber? Also, is it a big risk to install these tires as notubes setup? Thanks in advance for the response.

Schwalbe Response less than 3 hours later: Don’t Do It

Dear Mr. Norton,

These tires are not designed for a tubeless set-up – we must advise you against this and inform you that should you choose to use the tires in a tubeless manner it will void all warranties.

Please also note that In order to ensure that spikes are permanently fixed, tires should be run in for about 25 miles (40km) on asphalt, while avoiding any fast acceleration or heavy braking.



First off, kudos to Schwalbe for responding to my question only 3 hours later, in the middle of a weekend! But I guess that settles my question. I’m still installing the Schwalbe Marathon studded tires on the Stan’s Alpha 340 rims, but I’m not going tubeless with the setup.

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