Step 1 For Studded Tires, Ride 25 Miles to Seat The Studs

new Schwalbe marathon winter studded tire
According to Peter White cycles, Nokian studded tires required riding for 25-30 miles on pavement to seat the studs because they have poor quality control. I bought a set of Schwalbe tires and they now have the same recommendation. Anyway, it was nice to go test them out, and I rode them easy on the Cherry Creek trail which runs near my neighborhood.

front tire Schwalbe marathon winter studded

First impressions is they are noisy with 240 studs hitting the ground. Overall I think the grip is a little less with studs on pavement than if it was all rubber. It takes away some of the stickiness since the studs are first to contact the road. No matter, I didn’t get them for stickiness on dry roads, but for ice.

While Schwalbe says that you can lose 5-10 studs during this process I didn’t lose a single stud. So I’m happy with that.

With some snow coming later in the week I hope to have a chance to really test them out. It’s going to test me too since it will be in the single digit temps in the morning. Brrr 🙂